When Stress Is Actually Good for You

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很多人认为所有的压力都是有害的,but you may have heard that there's"良好的压力and"不好的压力。”Do you know what people mean by that?We rarely hear people say,“I'm really feeling stressed—isn't that great?“But if we didn't have一些生活中的压力是一种“好的压力”,我们会感到无礼和不快乐。If we define stress as anything that alters our homeostasis,for good or for bad,then good stress,形式多样,对健康的生活至关重要。特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机However,好的压力会变成坏的压力,反之亦然。Here's what you need to know about good stress.

Good Stress vs.Bad Stress

所谓的“good stress,“或者心理学家所说的“应力,“is the type of stress we feel when we feel excited.Our pulse quickens,our hormones change,但没有威胁或恐惧。当我们坐过山车时,我们会感到这种压力,gun for a promotion,or go on a first date.这种良好的压力有很多诱因,and it keeps us feeling alive and excited about life.

Another type of stress is acute stress.It comes from quick surprises that need a response.Acute stress triggers the body's应激反应as well,但触发因素并不总是令人高兴和兴奋的。This is what we normally think of as"stress."如果我们能找到快速放松的方法,急性压力本身并不会造成很大的损失。一旦压力源被处理了,我们需要让我们的身体恢复自我平衡,或其预应力状态,健康快乐。特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机

The type of stress we really have to worry about ischronic stress.这种压力发生在我们反复面对压力源时,这些压力源会付出沉重的代价,并感到无法逃避。一有压力的工作or an unhappy home life can bring chronic stress.This is what we normally think of as严重压力.因为我们的身体不是为慢性压力而设计的,如果我们长时间地处理慢性压力,我们可能会面特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机临负面的健康影响(身体和情绪)。


可以,back to good stress.了解不同类型的压力,给你的生活带来更多的压力是有意义的。Because you actuallycanget too much of even the good type of stress,在生活中选择让你感觉良好的活动是很重要的,happy,和兴奋的生活。It's also a good idea to cut out as many activities as you can that drain you,或者导致慢性压力的体验。衡量一项活动是否值得你花时间的一个好方法是注意它的想法是如何让你感觉到的。你一想到这个会感到兴奋吗?这是一个“想“活动,or a"必须“activity?确定你的“想“活动是你真正做的事情希望to do,and your"必须“一切活动都是绝对必要的。(Read this article on setting priorities and creating or tweaking alife plan

How Good Stress Can Become Bad Stress

We've alluded to it twice already: good stress can become bad for you if you experience too much of it.(肾上腺素瘾君子第一手知道。)这是因为你的压力反应是由任何一种方式触发的,and if you're adding that to chronic stress,或者其他压力源,there is still a cumulative effect: lots of stress!That's why it's important to be in tune with yourself and be able to tell when you've had too much.You may not be able to eliminate all stress,but there are often ways that you can minimize or avoid some of the stress in your life,这可以让其他的事情更容易处理。Particularly if you can avoid themost taxing forms of stress,你会对生活中不可避免的压力有更大的抵抗力。

How Bad Stress Can Become Good Stress

不是所有形式的坏压力都能成为好压力,but it is possible to change your perception of some of the stressors in your life,这种感觉上的转变会改变你的压力体验!This is because the body's stress response reacts strongly to感知threats;if you don't perceive something as a threat,there is generally no threat-based stress response.如果你觉得有什么挑战,你通常会经历的恐惧可能会变成兴奋和期待,or at least steeled resolve.You can often make the shift in perception by focusing on resources,看到这种情况潜在的潜在好处,提醒自己你的长处。Getting into the habit of像乐观主义者一样思考can also help.Once you are in the practice of looking at things as challenges more often,它变得更加自动化。

总体而言,生活中有好的压力是很重要的。By making the effort to cut out as much chronic stress as possible,尽可能改变你对压力的感知,and adding some positive activities in the mix to promote eustress,你可以在生活中创造一个很好的压力平衡。


The following are recommended to help you learn more about good stress.因为业余爱好是这种健康压力的一个很好的出口,特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机当你了解更多关于how to incorporate hobbiesinto your life and how this will affect you.目标设置是这种健康压力的另一个重要来源。特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机

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