How You Should Not Speak to Someone With ADHD

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如果你,your child,or your spouse/partner has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (注意缺陷多动障碍)你可能不可避免地会遇到一些反对者,他们根本不了解这种情况及其在日常生活中的影响。

Unfortunately,there aremany misconceptions关于多动症和这些误解可能会非常伤害与多动症生活的人。有些人不准确地将ADHD描述为神话或欺诈-a“made up"过度诊断和药物过量的疾病。其他人认为多动症是良性的,容易管理的不重要的情况良好的养育and disappears as a child moves into adulthood.

无论你是患有多动症的孩子的父母,the partner orspouse of someone注意缺陷多动障碍或有ADHD yourself,you have likely heard some (or all) of the following faulty and provoking statements about ADHD.

If you are someone who wants to be supportive of a family living with ADHD,您可能对以下列表感兴趣。

10 Things Not to Say to Someone with ADHD

1。"ADHD isn't real.Why don't we just let kids be kids?""
2."Everybody has a little ADHD.这没什么大不了的。”"
三。"ADHD is too quickly and too frequently diagnosed.""

这些最初的错误陈述与ADHD作为一个真实条件的有效性有关。Friends may innocently claim to have had an"添加力矩或者“a little bit of ADHD."You may hear people complain that"我们不再让孩子们成为孩子了”or that"我们诊断一个孩子太快了active and energetic."Certainly,everyone experiences occasions of forgetfulness and inattention.还有什么家长没有经历过孩子的行为失控?这些都是正常现象。对于儿童和adults with ADHD,然而,these are more than an occasional problem.对于患有多动症的人,症状的严重程度使其严重损害日常生活。

4."If you would just try a little harder,你会做得更好的。”"
5."He (or she) is just lazy.""
6。"People use ADHD as an excuse for bad behavior.""

Sometimes,people make the inaccurate assumption that if a child or adult with ADHD would just"更加努力他们可能会更成功。这会导致ADHD患者被贴上负面标签-He isjust lazy"or"She is apathetic and just doesn't try."To add fuel to this fire,it is common for someone with ADHD to show fairly dramatic fluctuations and inconsistencies in their performance.当某人能够快速、准确地完成任务时,别人会感到困惑,而在其他时候,他们执行这些相同的任务却相当糟糕。This uneven pattern of productivity and accuracy is common for someone with ADHD — and can be beyond frustrating for those who don't fully understand the impairments associated with ADHD.事实上,患有多动症的人只需努力组织,focus and keep themselves on track.多动症从来不是一个”excuse"for behavior,but it is often an"“解释”that can guide you toward strategies and interventions that can be of help in better managing symptoms.

8。"注意缺陷多动障碍caused by poor parenting.""

Unfortunately,,many parents of children with ADHD必须围绕他们的养育能力来处理这些类型的判断。这根本不是真的poor parenting或者家里没有弟子会导致多动症。It is true that children with ADHD can be much more challenging to parent!当你有一个患有多动症的孩子的时候,很容易感到沮丧,怀疑自己的育儿能力,especially when these misperceptions around the causes of ADHD exist.ADHD is a neurobiological condition that is primarily遗传引起的.Certainly,一个人的环境会影响多动症的表达。Both children and adults with ADHD benefit fromstructure,routines,以及行为干预。


如果多动症影响学习和损害academic performance在教室里,学生可以接受指导support and accommodations.The purpose of such special accommodations is to ensure that the individual educational needs of the student with disabilities are met as adequately as the needs of those students without disabilities.不要给患有多动症的学生不公平的好处,it levels the playing field.

10."ADHD in females is less severe than ADHD in males.""

It is a common misconception that girls and多动症妇女are less affected by their symptoms than males with ADHD.事实上,患有多动症的女性经历了很多被忽视的重大斗争。多动症女性常被误诊为抑郁症,anxiety,或双相情感障碍.Girls with unrecognized,,untreated ADHD倾向于将问题内化到一个更大的程度吸烟风险增加,alcohol/drug abuse,性滥交/怀孕/性病,self-injurious behaviors and overall lower self-esteem as compared to their male counterparts.

Like undiagnosed males with ADHD,undiagnosed females are also at risk for chronic underachievement.The difficulty mothers with ADHD face coping with the demands of everyday life can easily overflow into parenting.因为与多动症的基因联系,many of these mothers will be parenting children with ADHD — children who require even more in terms of organization,注意,和一致性。

Accurate Information on ADHD

以上的神话和错误的陈述,经常被说是特别有害的,因为这些不准确的信念往往阻止父母children with ADHDandadults with ADHD寻求治疗。Without appropriate interventions and supports,many continue to struggle needlessly.It is important to correct these misperceptions.

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