Recognizing the 8 Signs of a Manic Episode

躁狂和轻躁是双相情感障碍的一个阶段,其特征是高点in mood and behavior that are in stark contrast to the depressive"低点of the emotional cycle.

Mania is a facet ofI型双相情感障碍在这种情况下,情绪异常地升高,伴随着多动症和对睡眠的需求减少。相比之下,hypomania (often described as"mania-light") is aII型双相情感障碍which neither has the range nor severity of symptoms that classic mania has.

如果不治疗,bipolar mania can spin out the control and affect your ability to function on a daily basis.认识到这些症状是寻求适当治疗和护理的第一步。


The appearance of one or two symptoms of mania doesn't necessarily mean that you have bipolar disorder.There may be other explanations for your sudden change in mood,包括情感创伤,脑损伤,a drug reaction,or an undiagnosed焦虑症.

Broadly speaking,bipolar mania can be characterized by some or all of the following features:

  • Mood changes
  • 能量和活动的突然变化
  • 言语障碍
  • 判断力受损
  • Changes in thought patterns
  • 精神病的发展

你不一定有所有这些特征被诊断为躁狂或轻躁。相反,your doctor would review your symptoms and see if they meet the criteria outlined in the精神障碍诊断与统计手册(DSM)issued by the American Psychiatric Association.

If you are experiencing manic symptoms that are impairing your ability to function,在你所在的地区找一个心理健康特色在线娱乐城游戏:PT老虎机专家,能够诊断你的症状并提供治疗,如果需要的话。You can ask your family doctor for a referral or contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) hotline at 800-950-NAMI from Monday to Friday,上午10点to 6:00 p.m.东部时间。


According to the DMS,如果您至少经历以下三种症状且持续不少于一周,则可诊断为双极性躁狂:

  • 减少睡眠需求
  • Increased rate of speech
  • Flight of ideas
  • Being easily distracted
  • 自尊心强
  • 对目标导向活动的兴趣增强
  • Psychomotor agitation (such as pacing or hand-wringing)
  • An increased pursuit of risky or dangerous activities

To better understand the nature of these symptoms,你需要探索双极性躁狂的根源行为。



Symptoms may include:


突然爆发出一股能量是一回事;当能量无情时,这是另一种情况,prolonged,and overwhelming.就像情绪变化一样,突然上升的能量将不被认为是正常的,它可以关闭时,尽快打开。

Symptoms may include:

  • 对睡眠的需求减少,但没有明显的疲劳
  • 以目标为导向的活动(如需要排除其他活动的项目)的突然增加
  • 坐立不安和无法保持静止
  • 持续的,经常是无目的的运动


Speech disruptions are probably the easiest way to recognize a manic episode.一个人可以被描述为motor mouth"and be difficult or even impossible to interrupt.

Speech disruptions may include:

  • Rapid,pressured speech(好像你找不到足够的词语)
  • Incoherent speech (often described as rambling and persistent)
  • Clang associations(a serious condition in which words that sound similar are grouped together even if they don't make any sense)

Impaired Judgment

Impaired judgment can often be missed by casual observers who may dismiss the behavior as either a momentary lapse or a sudden burst of generosity,passion,daring,或善意。At times,这种行为可能有风险,hurtful,甚至危险。

Example include:

  • 不恰当的幽默和鲁莽行为
  • 极度冲动(包括赌博和冒险)
  • An apparent lack of insight into the consequences of an action
  • 鲁莽和奢侈的消费(包括向朋友赠送礼物,熟人,and even strangers)
  • 性欲亢进性挑衅行为


Changes in thought patterns are easily spotted by those with whom the person has regular interactions.它们可能表现为突然迸发的创造性洞察力,或显得支离破碎和胡说八道。

Example include:

  • Enhanced creativity or inventiveness (often perceived as a"突破or an epiphany)
  • Flight of ideas(从一个想法到下一个想法的快速连续思维)
  • 赛车思维(一股快速的思潮,经常重复)
  • An increased focus on religion or religious activity
  • 迷失方向或思维混乱


精神病是双相情感障碍的一种严重表现形式,可影响处于躁狂或抑郁情绪状态的人。Psychosis is defined as a break from reality which typically requires medical treatment and hospitalization.这不是一个特征,人们会期待看到在一个躁狂阶段。

Symptoms may include:

  • 幻觉(hearing,seeing,smelling,触摸,或者感受不真实的事物)
  • 妄想(believing things that are not real)
  • 偏执狂(fearing things that are not real)

The symptoms of psychosis tend to match the mood state.如果发生在躁狂期,you may believe you have special powers and engage in reckless behaviors.如果双相性精神病发生在抑郁发作期间,你可能相信有人会伤害你。

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