被称为选择性血清素再摄取抑制剂的药物,或SSRIS,are commonly prescribed for社交恐怖症.They also may be prescribed in conjunction with治疗对于特定恐惧症广场恐怖症.Many of the SSRIs have become common household names,如百忧解(氟西汀)帕罗西汀和佐洛夫特。

如果你被开了SSRI,你可能想知道目的,safety and possible side effects of your medication.It is important to discuss any specific concerns with your doctor.

How SSRIs Work

血清素是一种涉及多种功能的脑化学物质(神经递质)。包括情绪和焦虑的调节。SSRIs have been shown to have a positive effect on anxiety disorders,including phobias.

Common SSRIs

SSRIs that are commonly prescribed for phobias include,但不限于:Prozac (fluoxetine),Zoloft (sertraline),帕罗西汀,Celexa (citalopram),卢沃克斯(氟伏沙明)and Lexapro (escitalopram).这些药物对恐惧症的作用非常相似,但是每种药物都有其副作用,药物相互作用,and other considerations.


Some research has shown that older adults may face elevated risks from SSRIs.As we age,我们倾向于增加处方的数量,提高药物相互作用的风险。Our bodies may also become less tolerant of medications in general.此外,一些研究表明,长期服用SSRIs的老年人可能会增加骨折的风险。

尽管如此,通常认为SSRIs比其他选项(如MAOIs.Many seniors are able to tolerate these medications with no ill effects.与你的医生讨论你可能有的任何问题,and do not discontinue your medications except under doctor's orders.


自2005以来,the Food and Drug Administration has required that all antidepressants,包括SSRIs,carry a black box warning indicating that the medication may increase suicide risk in children and teens.2007,这个警告扩大到包括25岁以下的年轻人。

However,careful monitoring of your child's reactions to his or her medications can help to lower this risk.Discuss any concerns with your child's doctor,监控孩子在家的行为。Never suddenly stop a course of SSRIs without medical guidance,as this could lead to a serious reaction.

Side Effects of SSRIs

Because the brain requires several weeks to adapt to the effects of the medication,副作用通常在使用的第一周感觉最强烈。如果你有副作用,be sure to let your doctor know.不要停止使用,however,unless instructed by a doctor.性功能障碍是SSRI使用者的常见投诉。

Suicide Risk and SSRIs


Serotonin Syndrome

血清素综合征是一种罕见的,但可能致命的反应,供过于求的血清素在大脑中。即使过量服用SSRI,血清素综合征也很少见,but combining SSRIs with certain other drugs can dramatically increase the risk.


SSRIs不被认为是上瘾的。尽管如此,突然停药会导致一种叫做停药综合症的现象。这是一组从轻微到严重的戒断症状,根据你的大脑化学特性,你正在服用什么药物,服用了多长时间,除其他因素外。Symptoms may include,but are not limited to:

  • 头晕
  • Headache
  • Aches and other flu-like symptoms
  • 头上有奇怪的电感应,which may be described as"brain jolts"“

Although there is little evidence that discontinuation of SSRIs can be physically dangerous,这些症状可能很痛苦,很难处理。Therefore,except in rare cases,SSRIs are normally discontinued gradually.在医生的指导下逐渐减少药物治疗可以帮助减少甚至消除这些影响。

SSRIs are commonly prescribed for social phobia and may be used as an adjunct to other treatments for agoraphobia and specific phobias.这些药物很常见,一般认为是相当安全的。尽管如此,as with any drug,they do carry a risk of side effects and interactions with other medications.Be sure that your doctor is aware of all of your medications including herbal remedies,补充剂,and over-the-counter products.仔细遵循医生的指示,并将任何不寻常的症状或行为变化提请医生注意。

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