How to Help Your Child Understand Their ADHD Diagnosis

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Explaining注意缺陷多动障碍to your child after she has been diagnosed can help remove the mystery surrounding the struggles she knows she's been having.It can also help a child feel a greater sense of control.

Though parents sometimes worry about their child being labeled,it is much worse for a child to feel that they are"愚蠢的or"懒惰的—feelings often felt bykids with ADHD他们不太明白为什么他们和同龄人不同。Understanding what ADHD is helps to remove these types of negative labels.It demystifies what has been going on and provides a clearer understanding to a child.ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence or laziness;it is a medical condition that requiresinterventions and treatmentjust like nearsightedness or hearing loss does.

How do you go about explaining ADHD to a child?你从哪里开始??

Team Up With Your Doctor

Learning about ADHD may be a process for parents,还有孩子们。Often when a child is first diagnosed,和医生坐在一起讨论diagnosis.You and your child can ask questions and the doctor can provide accurate information.


你的方法非常重要。Be positive,matter-of-fact,and comfortable in your conversation.Now that you are aware of what has been causing the inattention,一次只关注一件事的困难,difficulty sitting still,and the like,you can begin to address the issues more effectively.Knowledge is a good thing.如果你不知道孩子问的问题的答案,让他或她知道你在一起学习,可以一起找到答案。Tailor your responses to the age of your child.A very young child may not need or want quite as much detail as a teenager.

Identify Strengths and Develop Strategies to Address Weakness

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.No one is good at everything.专注于帮助您的孩子确定他/她的领域strength and interest,and develop strategies for dealing with and minimizing the areas that cause greater difficulty.


There are many books available that help children to understand more about ADHD.Read the bookstogether,or if your child is older and prefers to read them alone,给她空间来支持她。


ADHD is thought to have a stronggenetic influence,so chances are that if your child has ADHD,someone else in your family may as well.也许你或你孩子的另一个parentdoes.以积极的态度和观点公开谈论这件事。Let your child know she is not alone.谈谈其他成功人士,他们也有多动症企业家,doctors,writers,艺术家,actors,athletes.With your help,your child will begin to understand that ADHD is just a small part of the wonderful person that she is.

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